…the bet


what yesterday started as a bet between my room mate and me, has today become some sort of addiction.

While reading the website of johnchow.com i became really inspired of how he made his blog work for himself. I thought wow, but what he can i can too. After a little blabbing and discussing about it with my room mate, we really thought about how we could set up something John did.

Some thoughts later i came up with, “why not try to let the internet buy us a PS3?”

As the Geek that i am i ever thought about buying this console, but 600€ for a console that only offers one game that really interessts me, is quite alot. Yeah i am a real Virtua Fighter Fan and on a holliday with my Grilfriend i had the chance to play this game on PS3 of a friend of her. And you know how life can be, i really was on fire and all those memories of the old days when we stood up all night long playing Virtua Fighter on my best friends Saturn, where back on my mind…”


“Dont know, why not try to get the money together to buy us a PS3, Virtua Fighter 5 and 2 Arcade Boards? Not to forget only with money earned from a blog we will start right now.”

“No way!!!1!1!!1!”

For me the Idea came more and more solid. Now the date had to be set, to make it a real bet.

“Why not set the date to our moving into our new flat?”

“This will be in 2 and a half month´s, he said”

“so what?”

I got challenged, and nothing could hold me back anymore. But how to make a website that will attract people to make me win this bet?

I thought a blog about the way i will be getting on the right path of winning this bet, would possibly be enough to make people read this story for more than 2 month´s. Good but not enough yet. I had to find something else. Ok, a lot caffein and not sleeping the whole damn night, i must have become crazy enough to actually thinking about, letting the people decide what depts we will put in for loosing.

“By the fact that you wont win, there is no real challenge for me, so why not.”

So our bet is starting today, 11th of April, and the desired date is 15th July 2007.

Let the battle begin.


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