Auto Update available and Map Pack on the go…

Bungie, the creators of Halo, Halo 2 and of the upcoming Halo 3. Have annonced to bring out 2 new Maps for their 3 Year old Halo 2 game. The two maps, named “Tombstone” and “Desolation” are available from the Xbox Live marketplace and will damage with 2$ each…

Also, the announced today that they have an “auto update” ready for download right fromt the Live servers. The maps and the update will be available for the Xbox and the Xbox 360.
Happy fragging, and not forget to register for the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta Test.

A Bungie spokes man said today,

“We are currently planning to update the Halo 2 matchmaking playlists the week following the map release (around 4/24). You’ll have some time to download the new maps but once the playlist update comes, please be aware that almost all playlists will require the new maps to play. You can of course play custom games and offline games as much as you want as soon as the maps are released, but on or around 4/24, you will need the new maps to enjoy the majority of the playlists offered in matchmaking. Lastly, in conjunction with a new auto-update, new maps and fresh playlists, we’re going to RESET ALL RANKINGS for Halo 2.

The last time we did a ranking reset was the release of the map pack and corresponding auto-update and we feel it’s right to do it again since the online landscape will be changing. This reset will also even the playing field in a world where the population has diminished somewhat and the majority of players are spread far across the level spectrum. It will pull everyone back together again and make it easier to get into games.”

You wont belive how happy i am to hear that, because my Profile will be resetted for the 2nd time now. Bye bye, level 45 DM


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