how did he come so far yet? 12k Users in 14 hours, wow! :)

Hey you dear Readers,

in the “Tutorial Section” i will try to tell you how you can set up a real well working blog that can make your earn around 200$ and something that only you decide, because in the end it is only you who is responsible for the growth of their blog. It is not the Evil Blogging Comunity that is not interested in reading what you have to say, because belive me, there is always someone who is interested in what you have to blog…

So i think there are 3 things you have to have on your mind…

  • You have to have some kind of will to talk about you, and things you know, or have to offer. The best that can happen is that you have things to tell that not much people already blog about, i will catch up closer on this one later…
  • something that is called a regular vocabulary…
  • You have to read a lot, so say prayers to your god that you all have found me.
  • and alot, and i really mean alot, no wait… jus to make myself clear ALOT of Coffee. When i say a lot of coffee you have to get at least close to the rate of coffe i am actually on.

Now that you know what you will have to bring, and if your are not willed to bring it, i think it is better to stop reading right now. I know how hard it can be to balance between your current state, awake, happy, healthy and an coffee addiction.

So you are still reading? Are you sure?

Well, at first i went to United Domains to get me a domain that fits my expectations, so will do the job. Next you have to think about the way you will try to make your money with the next weeks, so be sure that it is something that wont turn out to be a pain in the end, for me and let me call it my “QUEST” i thought a blog could turn out well. So i had to search for a blog provider, like let me see how much money i can make”, while “i will be making 5k a month is a funny one for the beginning, but is one

Always keep this on your mind, it is all you have besides a domain and a blog provider, and all this is the most you can have, it is worth Gold, belive me.

The internet offers you thousand things to make some money with, started from “Google´s Adsens Prgramm” over to “Ebay´s Affiliate Programm”. But this are this i get on deeper in my next tutorial, because now all you have to worry about is, what input do you want to have on your new blog? and i regret, but this is nothing i can help you with, but if you would not have something on your mind already, you would not have had read this far wouldnt you?

So stay tuned for more to come on tomorrows evening…

See you later alligator…

And be sure not to miss my “Good Night Wish” for today…


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