Xbox 360, Halo 2 Auto Update Problems, solved (Tutorial)


Some Xbox Live freinds told me that the Post about the Auto Update is wrong, or at least the Auto Update wont work. Also there seem to be alot of people having Problems on the Xbox Live Forums…

So i found out how you can solve these Problems with a simple Trick.

  1. Go to your Dashboard, log in the User that will be playing “Halo 2”, then go to the “System Blade” of your Dashboard, highlight the “memory” bar press “A”. You will now be seeing, your Harddrive and the remaining space your harddrive has to offer, now you have to press”Y”, the xbox 360 offers you two options, “Rename” and “Delete”.
  2. Now you have to press a button comination, “X, X, LB, RB, X, X”, then you console will be asking you if you want to clear the HDD cache, answer with “yes”, this will delete all the released patches for your Xbox and your Xbox 360 so far.
  3. Open the DVD Drive, put in “Halo 2”, close it and “Shut it down”.
  4. Turn on your console, after you have signed in to Xbox Live you will be asked if you want to Uodate “Halo 2”, aswer this with yes, after about 15 sec. your console has the new newest Emulator plugin for the emulation of the old Xbox Console. Next the Console asks you for your Halo profile to be logged in, after that in the Main Menu of the Game, you “Press Start” and the Xbox offers you to update your console, a picture of the Old Xbox Dashboard appears on the Screen, and then after about 5 sec. you can play “Halo 2” online again, and have fun with your downranked “stats”.

I hope this helps you a bit.


20 Responses to “Xbox 360, Halo 2 Auto Update Problems, solved (Tutorial)”

  1. Thanks for the tip on Auto update. now it’s time to get the rest of the parts for my new 360

  2. You are welcome, have fun with your new console mate…

  3. Taha Nuvic Says:

    Thankx, It works!!!

  4. mike chisholm Says:

    This did not work for me,I followed the steps exactly.Most of the console instructions that you said i would recieve were different.example where you said the console would ask me if i wanted to clear the hdd cache,i got would you like to perform hdd maintainence.however i continued on and in the end still recieved xbox live not responding.I was doubtful of this working from the beginning because i recieve the same problem when trying to update my original xbox.Thanks anyway for the hdd maintainence intructions this may come in handy in the future,unfortunatly no help here.

  5. thank you very much bro, i would have spent hours trying to figure it out.

  6. J. J. Wright Says:

    hey it didn’t work I have an xbox360 so what should I do?

  7. Jim Slice Says:

    does this solve the “waiting for everyone to load the map…” problem?

  8. Thanks, that worked for the most part. But now I’ve encountered a new problem. What message from Xbox Live? Eurgh.

  9. didnt work at all for me

  10. Wow… I thought my game was scratched or something and was skipping back and forth to the updates. But I guess not! This worked like a charm! Thanks!

  11. It didn’t work, when I log on to Halo 2 it still says its damaged and cannot be used.

  12. lol how do i put emulators like h2 on my 360 with xsata?

  13. didi not work at all, please put another way

  14. It didn’t work for me. 360 updated then I was asked to update the 360 again when I started halo 2 and was told that Xbox live was not responding and to try again later.

  15. Thank you! This helped a lot!

  16. This didn’t work for me, but I waited a couple days and then it was able to connect to Live and get the update. It was weird because I could always connect on the 360’s Live, just not the original.

  17. This did not work pussay

  18. Thank you…you rule for this page.

  19. Michael Says:

    worked for me!

  20. slampig Says:

    Works great! Thanks for the help, I was stuck in an endless loop of updates till your fix

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