4 New Gears of War Maps ready for Release, but Microsoft is holding them back…

In an 1up.com Podcast-Interview with Epic Founder and CEO “Tim Sweeny”, he said that his company is having 4 new Gears of War maps ready to be released, but Microsoft wont let them release them…

From the Interview:

With Gears of War we’ve gone through our own effort and built a bunch of different maps that are free for download. We already released two and we have four more maps that we’ve built. We’ve been willing to give them away for a long time, but actually Microsoft has been pushing back on us. They’re trying to build this business model around selling additional content for games and and that’s a valid idea, but we would definitely like to release more stuff for free, and we haven’t been able to do so yet, which is unfortunate, I mean there are a lot of good business reasons for releasing free content for a game. First of all you want to increase the player base and keep the game alive and the business reason, right now trade-ins of console games are a big issue. If people hold on to our game longer, or forever because we release more stuff over a time for free than that’s a good business incentive for us. But we haven’t been able to do that so far because of Microsoft’s business strategy around selling content.


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