Gears of War Petition against non Patched Glitches and no Achievements on Annex

This Petition is ment to help Gamers make their voices heard, Gears of War is such a great Game and such a Masterpice that it is a sacrileg to not try to make it to what it could be. Maybe the folks at Epic dont see, what needs to be done and maybe we can help em.

But in the end, the folks at Epic should know, that everyone who signs this petition acknowledges the Work you spend, the Time you spend and the Heart you gave into this Game that we all are happy about that it is where it is now…

Sign into this petition by leaving a comment including your Gamertag your Name and what is also on your mind…
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Dear Epic Games,

I am signing this petition as a gamer and as well as a customer who bought this Game to have fun and joy with every part of the Game. This is what makes me sign this petition, the problems and glitches that remained “post patch” are still that high that is nearly impossible to have true uncolored Ranked lists, at the end of this Petition you will find youtube videos of so far discovered glitches, that disturb the gameplay as well it hinders every player who has the ambitions to play fair.

What i ask for when i sign this petition is:

1: Give players the Chance to Vote against cheating players while playing online
2: A new patch, that covers Glitches that give unfair Players an advantage before Fair players
3: To change the Achievement describtions for every Online Achievement, from “Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with…” to “Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches (exept Annex) with…”
3.1 Change the Rules for Annex so the Achievements and the Kills count
4: Import Clan support into ranked Multiplayer Matches, GOW pro gaming Scene has evolved to a state where it only can grow bigger with better Clan support, form the Software itself.

Keep up the Good Work!

Every comment equals one signature.


111 Responses to “Gears of War Petition against non Patched Glitches and no Achievements on Annex”

  1. COOL!

  2. get rid of the new glitches that people have found and make acheivments count on annex because i love annex and never play it cause i want seriously

  3. the biggest problem at this game is the host advantage!

  4. Why don`t make links?

  5. I fully agree with this petition. Let’s hope Epic takes notice.

  6. The patch on April 9th ruined this game and if not addressed I will take my gears disc out for skeet practice!

  7. we want achievments in ANNEX

  8. BoOgIeMaN GER Says:

    Ajo,wenns was bringt. Good Luck

  9. DREDDY4one Says:

    thats a very good idea

    EPIC!!!! do this please!!!

  10. Marco, I agree but above all the Chainsaw-animation should be stoppable…

  11. […] Gears of War Annex Glitches, a Overview. Filed under: Stuck in my Electrical World, Uncategorized — Decoye Gheist @ 1:23 am Ok, the patch is out, and chances are high that some of the glitches that made this game so unfair it was pre patch, are out too. Answer is “NO”, i will show you now a couple ouf youtube Videos that where taken after the pacth, that show some old glithces that are still working after the patch, and some new glitches the patch enabled. I try to show Videos that have no tutorial inside, because i dont want to encourage people to use this glitches. if you want to change something about this, sign in to this petition […]

  12. Annex kills should count or we should be told tht they dont count b4 we spend hours playing it 4 the acheivements

  13. These issues need to be definitely addressed. I wasted a huge amount of time playing annex attempting to gain some needed achievements but to my surprise it was a waste of time.

  14. TheMONKofPUNK Says:

    How long have i played Annex only to find it hasn’t added to my achievements?? Too long. Gutted. Achievement chasing alters how you play the game – head stomp/chainsaw/grenade tag/long shot/boom etc. Each of my kills was done in a particular way in order to gain achievements, now i find out they’ve counted for nothing. If i enter a RANKED match of any type (INCLUDING ANNEX) it should count towards my achievements.

  15. kcocgibkcusuoy Says:

    Clan support will be in the “possible” sequel.
    I just found out the two days I spent playing annex for a few achievements were for nothing. that’s does not make me a happy customer. If the kills don’t count towards your achievements, then why have the game type available as a ranked match? I wouldn’t care if it was just Player Match only, but the time I wasted doesn’t make me happy.

  16. host advantage sucks!

  17. I glitch all the time…. in player matches… only time I ever glitch in a ranked match is when Im the last guy and I do a glitch that looks cool but gives me no advantage and just let myself get killed

    I’m sorry about the people that exploit it but don’t hate against the rest of us.

    Annex really shouldn’t count towards achievments though… they are just too easy to get… even if they should have told us.

    Gamertag is: KC53 if anyone wants to glitch or just play

    BTW: we will always find new glitches

  18. ya after all you wanted this to be a TEAM based game, so let me bring MY TEAM to a ranked match. i’m tired of being stuck on a team with selfish individuals out to achivement hunt!! plus it sucks waiting 20 min for a room to fill up when you got 8 friends willing to play but they can’t find your room.

  19. I want kills in Annex to count towards acheivements! Also what if you have a bad/strict connection, you’ll never get a Series of Tubes! They should either 1.) Give it to anyone who has hosted at least one game or 2.) Replace it with something more feasible.

  20. The biggest problem in this game now the patch has come out is the chainsaw glitch… sure the cant do it with the lancer no more but they do it with any other weapon and tell me is being chainsawed by a smoke grenade fair? fix the glitches before anything please.

  21. starscreme Says:

    I totally agree with all you say but we need like ten thousand more signatures to get noticed!!!


  22. anthony Says:

    i think we should use glitches it always makes the game funner

  23. Epic Fix those Glitches!

  24. I think we would all like to see achievements count in Annex. People will still play your game even if the achievements are gotten. If nothing else just make the kills count. Annex rox for the respawn. Please don’t take away from that with a catch like “no achievements.” -uvfreak

  25. UKGamer Says:

    Glitches suck. I’ve noticed the only people using glitches are people linking up with clan members in ranked matches using new players to win in ranked matches. This is where clan against clan support is needed. Clan can take on clan and new players can take on other new players. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been chainsawed by someone carrying a shotgun or other weapon. Sucks. Annex should count towards achievements, you can play it in ranked matches afterall! I doubt Epic will change anything though, what game company ever rewards buyer/player loyalty?

  26. Ben Kingston Says:

    I spent hours hosting games trying to play my new favorite gametype, Annex. WHAT A FREAKING WASTE OF TIME!!! I why is it a ranked game if the achievements that say “in a ranked match” don’t gain anything?????

  27. I think it is so unfair that no matter how many rounds you put in to someone with the lancer they can kill you with one shot with a shotgun, this fact has made me leave a few games because it is the only weapon people use . Also i think the achievement should count on annex because i have started games and can never get a kill for the entire match because of the bloody shotgun. They also need to sort out the gliches i am getting fed up with people causing lag to win games and not even giving anyone else a chance.I am getting so fed up that i am thinking of chucking this game in the bin as that is all it is good for.

  28. UKGamer Says:

    Why release a patch that opens up more glitches to be exploited by those that obviously cant win without using glitches. This just doesnt make sense! And if Annex can be played in ranked games why dont kills count for ranked match kills? This again doesnt make sense. I do agree that clan support is needed, so clans who want to glitch can take on similar minded players and new players can take on new players, instead of being glitched against by clans so desperate to win at was it effectively only a game! The new patch should never have been released. I doubt Epic will take note, no games company ever rewards it buyers/players loyalty.

  29. Just want my achievements whilst playing my favourite mode.

  30. X1xCoRkMaSteRxX Says:

    I host alot of games, and I will agree that host has at some degree an advantage… This doesn’t mean that the rest of the players are at this advantage. Play as a team against the host and you won’t have a problem… Host always like one specific weapons exp.( shotgun, long shot, pistol). Each weapons has a weakness.
    Pistol to easy to run out of ammo
    lancer not enough accuracy
    and so on.

    KC53 I agree that Annex really shouldn’t count towards achievments they are just too easy to get even if they should have told us. If you got all of the acheivments you would burn out and look for another game to hurry and beat…

  31. X1xCoRkMaSteRxX Says:

    I’ll play with ya KC53 lets see what you got…
    Gamertage X1xCoRkMaSteRxX 12:00 ET to 8:00 ET

  32. X1xCoRkMaSteRxX Says:

    And stop complaining that someone glitches against you… learn to glitch back or find a better way and actually play instead of finding a easier way..


  33. LIL LEAGUE Says:


  34. Chamillitary999 Says:

    Glitches are getting real stupid, i mean gettin’ chainsawed by a shotgun? like damn… as for Annex i rarely play this mode on ranked, but i feel where everyone is coming from… common epic get it fixed.

  35. jumbopimp07 (my xbox live gamertag) Says:

    get rid of glitches it really pisses me off when you try your best to improve your rank and people are glitching to get ahead of you and i am also really liking the new annex game but you dont get as many points on ramked matches as you do on excecution and you cant get acheivements

  36. whats the point of ranked annex w/o achievements. there is none…

  37. SERIOUSLY CHEESED!!!!!!!!!!! Says:


  38. LoH Balrog Says:

    I fully agree with this petition.

  39. max payne Says:


  40. GEARS OF HELL 1 Says:

    Look People If You Guys Hate Glitchers Stop Playing With Them ..Glitches Are For Players not Rank …if Epic Paches Them All Hackers Are Still Going To Fine Some Type Of Glitch No Matter What ..This Game Is Perfect The Way It Is ..Epic Has Tryed Their Best , More Paches More Glitches That All It Going To Be .Plus I Dont Glitch So Dont Think Anything .

  41. InSaNeKiLlA Says:

    Yea dude you should sho them w/ the kno how because I really like shoin my friends the real complicated ones and id also like to kno how to do the one where u jump really high and can get out of the map using that yea thanks

  42. Blackhawk2615 Says:

    I belive there should be an obtion should be made when you are making a match, Glitches/ or no glitches. that way people who like to use glitches could go to a match that allows glitches, and the people who don’t like glitches could go to matches that do not allow glitches

  43. Change the Annex so that we can get Achievements other wise theres not point to ranked Annex matches

  44. epic say they wont make it possible to get achievements in annex because it will make them to easy well fuck no it wont the 10000 kill achievement is near impossible to get if u have a life

  45. I love to glitch


  47. john devine Says:

    bring in annex kill achievments!!!!

  48. DIEBICHIUM Says:


  49. GeneralShotty Says:

    i wanna be apart of this you got my sig

  50. i finally got 100 exexcutions on annex and now i find out that they don’t count i mean whats the point? The point is that for example on maps like gridlock how difficult is it to be the first player to get the longshot or boomshot? Its very difficult and many people will not be able to get these achievements but in annex it much easier because everyone goes to the glowing discs leaving the weapons easily accessible. Epic just make the achievements count in annex or get rid of annex.

  51. Splatterfart Says:

    They also need to fix the fact that people need over 00 kills with a weapon to get the achievement. It took me 120 chainsaw kills!

  52. feels like forever i have been playing ranked annex with the intention of getting achievements. they never came. next time epic… more specific with your achievement description. very dissapointed!

  53. JoeDirt111 Says:

    Wow some of the things stated here a smart but most are bullshit. I agree that Gears should support online ranked clan matches. That would kick ass. However, the whole deal on glicthing leaves something to be said. Dude, Epic will NEVER patch all glitches. It can’t happen. However, your idea on a punishment system for ranked glitching is a bright idea. But dude, there’s a reason Annex kills don’t count towards achievements. Let’s compare average kill counts….hmmmm…… Warzone/Assassination/Execution 20 at the highest
    Annex – ummm 50 at LEAST!!!
    If annex kills counted, I could get every weapon achievement, kill achievement, and seriously in a matter of days! That get’s rid of the whole long term multiplayer factor Epic intended. And no they dont need to change the Achievements so they specifically say except annex your retarded piece of shit! Epic has it stated in black and white on their home page…… ANNEX KILLS DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS WEAPON ACHIEVEMENTS AND SERIOUSLY!!! WHat more do you need?!?!?!?

  54. glitches forever

  55. great site, these ideas need to be placed into the game

  56. wookiee069(gamertag) Says:

    yeah the crab walking glitch is just getting annoying cause people use it constantly in ranked matches epsecially when i try to play assassination why i have won a game on there yet. and the kills in annex would help since that one achievement for annex takes a long time to get.

  57. way2crazy4u Says:

    Dude this sounds sweet my name is signed i especially like kills to count on annex
    good luck hope it works

  58. IF you glich in rank match you should die.

  59. I agreed with jay. it is pointless to play annex mode in ranked matches if it doesn’t count for achievements. At least the kills should count towards seriously…. you know.

  60. Noodle 3 Says:

    I think that glitches are so gay in ranked matches, the only people who accept them are bitches who can’t win without them. I also hate the fact that there is no achievements in annex. I played annex like 20 annex matches and never for hours just to find out that i can’t get achievements. GOD DAMN IT!!! Fix these problems please.

  61. glitching rulez you guys..i dnt see whats your problem?

    i don’t usually glitch in ranked matches only when ever1 else on my team quit so im outnumbered 1 v 4…or when some1 else on the other team glitches first.

    but glitching in player matches is awsome..and you cant stop us from glitching…everytime u patch the game up more glitches appear…

    i know the skydive, kungfu flip,shotgun chainsaw, roadie run, chainsaw walkthrough, and a couple glitches that i found out and no one else knows!

    all of these still work…and you ruined the game when u patched this game the first time…and ruined it even more after the achievement patch and annex patch!

  62. The gitches are out there and anyone can find them on the internet. The glithes in this game suck. Many players only purpose for playing the game is to glitch. I’ve been booted out of plenty of server rooms because i wanted to play the game the way it was ment to be played. And have fun. A patch to remove these glitches is possible. Lets see that it gets done. And for those who like to glitch the game learn how to play and be more statigic with your game play. Because glitchers is another word for cheaters. There is no accomplishment in cheating.punks.

  63. I agree, get rid of crab walkin and stuff like that, also i want the achievements to be unlockable on annex. its my favorite mode but i stopped playing because i cant get the achievements…

  64. Signed. I have completed the requirements for THIS IS ANNEX, yet have not gotten the achievement. That and glitches should be addressed more rapidly.

  65. Hamish Reilly Says:

    yeah i totally agree with this, amazing game, but this would make it even better!!

  66. Ok tell me why you need a certain amount of players in the room to get the Seriously acheivement or if a host or you quit, why cant all the kills you get in ranked matches count towards seriously as stated in the acheievment Over 10,000 Kills in ranked matches total, i do already have atleast 10,400 kills and no seriously, another problem is bullet lag? I know anyone whos played gears and did not have host complains about bullet lag why cant Epic give out a certain bandwidth so the other players are even out with the host, that would probaly give everyone in the match bullet lag instead of everyone instead of host, another problem is glitches, to me it seems like Epic is purposly adding the glithces with every update for what reason i dont know but they seriously have to get their act together and fix this dam game, this is problem the most F**KED up game i’ve ever played (sory for the language) going through the glitched serisouly acheivement all throughout host advantage and glitchers.. Please do us a favor and give one big patch to fix all these problems so players dont have to break things after they have played this game due to the bs in this game.

    Gamertag: xLMx L337Nima
    Name: Nima

  67. i HATE the way people glitche in ranked matchs. that really makes me sick.u should only glitche in a player matchs and only if you are playing with friends but not in ranked matchs that really SICK but never glitche in ranked matchs becasue it is unfair to the people that want to get a high rank.someone once did a glitche that casue my whole team to quit.

  68. ultamitstrika14 Says:

    patch the glitches and make kills count in annex!!!

  69. we need to get rid of host advantage. and glitches are for players who want to ruin other gamers playing experience.

  70. I love the game so much but it is very disheartening to play for months and when you finally reach the 10,000 kill you don’t get your seriously (bummer right?). And I hope that they come out with a way to import your gamerscore from another gamer tag (I have 2 gamer tags).I hope they listen.

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  72. xDoWoRKS0Nx22z(my gamertag) Says:

    Gears of War is an awseome game that I think everyone should at least get to play once. but as a gamer myself there’s a couple of things i really think should be changed.
    1. You should be able to create a party of four people and then go into a ranked match against other people because whenever i try to get some of my friends into a ranked match theres always a bunch of pople who end up joining in and then you wont get to play with your friends.

    2.I agree with a lot of people who say ranked annex kills don’t count towards the weapon achievements but it should be able to count only for seriously. I mean come on it is a game type that was created so you should get credit for getting your kills.

    3. the last thing i have to say is the sniper. Ever since the update a few months ago it seems like it been so much harder to get a headshot. Sometimes I’ll aim at someone’s face right in the middle and it wont pop off their head. Also the sniper should be more accurate when your are walking with it because i hate how your aimer will be right on the enemy’s head but because i’m walking it will go off about 10 feet!!

    So come on Epic, please o please o please fix these problems

  73. Silent Murder92 (My GamerTag) Says:

    It’s annoying the fact that i play annex so much but my kills count for nothing. I love annex i think it’s the best game type on gears but the fact that i also like getting achievements doesn’t help as i am stuck to play annex or go for the achievements.
    I hope epic take notice of this i really do.


    I don’t tend to play many ranked matches, mostly because the achievements aren’t available on annex and because lack of team play. I find far to many idiots on ranked matches who have a huge ego and the minute a female talks they start with their stupid idiotic insults and put downs.

    One of the reasons i’ve been told that they don’t allow invites on ranked matches is because of the fear that people will cheat achievements…but so i’ve been told they already do so by having single round matches where people allow u to kill them 10 times and then you let them kill you, so really it seems pretty pointless to have a team based game where you can’t actually play with your team!

    Gears of war is an amazing game and i find myself playing for hours on end without realising i just find it’s slightly spoiled by difficult ranked achievements, glitches and idiots (but i understand that Epic can do little to help on the latter) 🙂

  75. totally agree, thanks for petition… COME ON EPIC!

  76. Praised Loser Says:

    You can get your annex achievments on Multiplayer.. just read it. Oh an same thing with the new map achievments

  77. Joseph Haukos Says:

    EPIC you hear the people now help us out

  78. ManBearPig84 Says:

    I HOPE THAT SOMEBODY IMPORTANT AT EPIC READS THIS!!! The Host Advantage gets out of hand in some rooms, conection plays a major role. Clan on clan would be sick and would save a lot of gamerpionts. Rank should be set up like Halo or Call of Duty 4, and it should allow you to invite your friends, if even only 4. I would also like to see them make another version of Execution and Warzone, but with NO ACTIVE RELOAD!!! This would stop people from just active downing people(GET A F**KING HEADSHOT)!!! I bought this game three days before i bought my 360 and started playing it a week after it came out. People that I know that have been playing this game for a long time agree that they wish that EPIC would take notice to a few of these issues. We feel for the most part, they should have stopped patching after they fixed the talking issue where people who were late in a room couldn’t talk, even though there was a lot less smack talk back then. Over all, in my opinion, this is the single best multiplayer shooter scense Halo 2, and EPIC did an awsome job. I hope this hepls.

  79. BloodsDivine Says:

    I am very frustrated on trying to get the weapon achievements, even though I gone over 100 kills on that SPECIFIC kills.

  80. nickmatrix Says:

    I too am tired of this nonsense they should make ANNEX kills count toward the ACHIEVEMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. T Rock Nonstop Says:

    I agree with FAITHXCHAOS. Why the hell would you take away the ability to play with your team in a team based game. The first big update should have added a team option so teams can play teams in ranked matches. Then you can let the randoms play each other. I dont know how many ranked matches I’ve joined with a stacked team and I end up playing with idiots who either quit, don’t have mics, or think they are a one man army and don’t help the team. And as far as getting seriously in annex, I think that’s a good thing. It would be too easy, thats one achievement im proud of.

    But it seems to me that every update fixes one thing, and ruins several others. What’s up with the velcro walls? I just want to roll out of the way, not take cover on five different objects. Which brings me to the button layout. For the most part, it’s good, but does anyone actually use the Y button? It’s easier just to tap LB. I’m sure it can’t be fixed but for the sequel can we please have seperate roll/cover buttons? And dedicated servers to eliminate host advantage? As fun as it is to punk someone who hides behind host, the game wold be far more intense if everyone were equal.

    Now this is perhaps my biggest complaint on GOW… the sniper. Why you would give any moron the power to down me with one shot from across the map is beyond me. I can respect a sniper who can take my head off while im juking back and forth, but its more than frustrating being repeatedly downed by some noob who couldn’t get a headshot to save his life, especially when he’s talking trash like it takes skill to active. If i pick up sniper (which i rarely do) i purposely miss the active. And if i die, at least i didn’t go out like a pussy. So my suggestion is either take out the ability to active reload sniper, or make it very difficult to get one so either way you need some kind of skill to use the damn thing.

    This is an awesome game and the fact that tons of people still play it as flawed as it may be, is a testament to that. I only hope epic takes notice to these complaints, because with a little work this could be gaming perfection.

  82. I think that after 10,000 kills you should get your seriously.Also, team play would be nice except the cheating the achievements would be a problem.Finally, you should patch what you can and make sure Gears 2 doesn’t have this many probles.

  83. Annex Owns Says:

    The only reason i play annex is cause of the respawn, unlike other game types once you die you have to wait until the round is other which is really boring.
    ANNEX OWNS simple as that.

  84. Why bother with this? the guys at Epic aren’t going to think ”Oh crap, we need to do as these people say because they have gathered a list of signatures!”

  85. this is retarded

  86. holefilla 187 Says:

    The host advantage has to be the worst aspect of this excellent masterpiece. It makes game play so one-sided, that a lot of people will go play COD4 or Halo 3. I think that factor alone has deterred many loyal fans of the game. Also when people quit you don’t get your kills. Do you know how aggravating that is after playing 17 rounds of a 19 rounder. Everyone on this petition does! What’s ironic is most people quit after they get sick of being prey to host advantage. I agree with the no annex kills. The achievements are all so time consuming that you think they would have gave us a break on this one. I still love GOW to death! I think Epic will get it right next time. You guys should all remember that Epic never anticipated the multiplayer to be that much of a success. Their main focus was making the best shooting game out there. Which they did! My opinion of course.

  87. I just want to say that I usually play Player match for 2 reasons:

    1: You cant have map cycle in ranked only chose one map and play.
    2: You can’t invite your friends to play with you.

    I do play some ranked matches thou becuase I still want the multiplayer achievments that you can’t get on player matches. I usually play annex (both ranked and player matches) because it’s the most fun gametype there is on gears of war.
    I was dissapointed thou when I read this thread and discovered that I couldn’t get my achievments in annex because thats the only reason I play ranked matches. I ended with the highest score a few times and I have killed at least 100 enemies with two diferent weapons and never got any achievment.

    Reading this totaly kills the enjoyment I had from playing ranked matches and I will go back to playing only player matches accepting I won’t ger more than my 850/1250 achievment points.

    Last but not least fix those god damn glitches. I usualy play with a friend that allways create the game so that he can ban people exploiting the maps and I cheer for him. exploiting ruins the game…


    KEEP GLITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  89. personally i think this should be set up so you can bring your own team into games (ranked) so you dont have to play with people who take kills or make it shity with the trash talking. Glitching will never be stopped

  90. fix this shit Says:

    fix it mother ######

  91. Burnhard86 Says:

    Glitching is annoying. If the cheater fraction loves it so much, they can have it: offline, lan, player matches, whatever… BUT RANKED MATCHES! No way!
    Just played against a couple of french guys. They did that one second chainsaw-thing (usually you have to stand still a while, when using it, they just sawed for a sec and moved on) ALL THE TIME.
    I told em to stop glitching, they just said “you must be a newb”.
    So the abusers call me a newbie? This is unbearable!

    Stop it,

    Or if you think thats the way its meant to be played, give us regular players a chance: remove invisible walls so we can walk arround the maps freely, remove the chainsaw animation (y’know: go near an enemy, press B, he instantly explodes, move on; lol), give us a fly mode…etc.
    It’d be ridiculous! Just as it is now!

  92. people should be able to do these glitches because it brings fun and enjoyment an less it is a bad glitch like the achiviment glitch it should not be banded

  93. Gears of War 2 is going to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. take the not out on my 78 one

  95. my brother dosent really care about glitches when he does them he gets up set when i do them on my xbox 360 PS they should make a xbox 360 portable

  96. Gameghoul Says:

    I know the 100 kills achievements would be very easy to get in Annex, but still, at least make the kills count or change the achievement description as previously stated. luckily, I’ve only been doing Annex for 2 days before I found out that me tagging everyone I laid eyes on with a grenade was pointless ^^.

  97. Ala Maher Shaqra Says:

    I hate players that cheat. I only have about 2700 kills since I have started playing regularly in January of 2008. I know that it is a low number, but every kill has been done without cheating.

    Ala Maher

  98. Shela Monster Says:

    Can’t win ranked win all people do is glitch…
    Sign me up.



  101. Yazerad19 Says:

    MAKE IT SO THAT YOUR TEAMATES CANNOOOOOT STEAL YOUR DOWNED KILLS! AND CANNOT SHOOT AT YOUR OWN MEATSHIELD(GoW2)Probably too much to ask for Gow1 but maybe you can make it work for GoW2

  102. yes please let us get achievments on annex, its a good game mode but i want to get the seriously achievment

  103. liam0770 Says:

    come on epic sort it out

  104. Ok i glitch, but im also pretty good at the game. I play ranked all the time and have all the weapon achievements so far, except for annex achievements and seriously. Annex kills should count though, i mean do you know HOW LONG you would have to play ranked to get seriously? thats just retarded, i mean i’ve been playing ranked for about 3 weeks and only have gotten about 1500 kills. Oh and you just can’t fix all the glitches, you just cant ok. have you noticed that you can only glitch if there’s lag?

  105. 2nd Comment, Epic Studio Place Thingy rushed gears of war pretty good. I mean look, they made the maps symetrical, didn’t even put servers in or a skill system, people have to host it on their own connection and they pick what can be what, they are always updating the lancer or shotgun or ANY weapon for that matter, which means i have to all of a sudden play differently and i suck, pistol needs to be a more lowly weapon, except for revolver they should make it a sort of primary weapon, and they REALLY BADLY need to put a punishment system where when you leave a ranked match you lose kills or points, because if you haven’t noticed people dont leave halo 3 matches NEARLY enough as people leave gears matches, because halo has a punishment system, and this my sir is alot of commas.

  106. Craig Smith Says:

    Stop the glitches; especially in ranked matches. Do it the old fashion way with skill not cheap tactics. Remoce the host advantage because its unfair on both sides as playing as the host makes it difficult to play when you are not the host. GOW 4Eva

  107. Uncle Jeebus Says:

    When i go on gears i talk to my friend we are both going for the capital punishment achievement, i get to 136 and still no achievement my friend gets 101 and gets it i had to get 188 before i got it. i had to get 149 with the chainsaw before i got that one and im on 150 something and i still dont have it my fiend got it at 102. my gamer tag is uncle jeebus if anyone has had this problem too then message me.

  108. cliff always says that gears 2 will be bigger better and more badass than the first one – does this mean more stupid achievements that dont work and cheaters using glitches ALL THE TIME?????

  109. who fucking cares about people glitching achievements. Why you so fucking concerned about it in the 1st place? Stop trying to act like the video game police and worry about YOUR SELF

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