Maybe the Xbox 360 is scratching discs, Microsoft said.

In a statement gave in the Dutch TV Show “Kassa” a PR person of Microsoft said it might be that our console can scratch some discs. The TV show then ran a few test that made Microsoft think about their statement again and made them start their own testings. Lets hope that they will get positiv test about this, because there are lots of people out there that are telleing nightmarish stories about bad looking discs after comming out of the mouth of the Xbox…

One Response to “Maybe the Xbox 360 is scratching discs, Microsoft said.”

  1. LuisSera Says:

    It was obvious, and still they were trying to deny it. Although we can pay 70 (!) Euro for Game, Microsoft seems to think they can play about 1.000.000 people for a fool. That console wrecked my Gears of War, then my “repaired” Gears of War wrecked my 360, and i had bought it not even a month ago.
    I must have been a fool that i expected anything else from Billy Gates and his bunch of money-worshipping thiefs.

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