Shadowrun Demo to hit the Marketplace soon…

Fasa Studio Manager Mitch Gitelman stated in an Interview that a Demo of Shadowrun should be found soon on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

“We’ve already almost got the demo to where we want it, in terms of shipping and stuff. We just haven’t tested the demo yet because we’re testing the game.”

Mitch went on to reveal that the Demo will fell a little different from what the Beta feels like today, but did not want to specify more closly, when asked if it would be released before or after the Halo 3 Beta is released, he only said, it could be that the game ships right after the beta is released.


One Response to “Shadowrun Demo to hit the Marketplace soon…”

  1. at the shadowrub website they have said they will release the demo quickly and it will noe be like the demo but won’t say how it’s different, I for one am waiting intently for the demo to try it out since I didn’t get into the beta

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