Halo 2 “Blastacular Pack” download Problems solved.

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a lot of people seem to have problems with downloading the new Map pack from Xbox Live which Bungie released today for their hit selling shooter “Halo 2”. I was having a lot of problems myself, but anyway, I got them solved…

First you have to know some facts about this Map Pack…

  • It is not available from the Marketplace on your Xbox 360
  • You can not buy it with your purchased “Microsoft Points”
  • You have to have a valid Credit Card
  • You have to have this Credit Card attached to you Xbox Live Account
  • You need to be a gold member, because you are using the old Halo 2 mechanism to download this map pack, and this will handle your silver membership as an “Error”, this old system does not know about silver membership and nobody has told it about… So it handles you as a “No Member”…
  • Recheck if you have a valid Credit Card attached to your Live Account…

So now to how to solve the downloading problems people seem to have while downloading them to the storage of their Xbox 360. First you have to know the Xbox 360 handles downloaded packets in a different way the old Xbox did, so the “catch” (the orange line informing you about the downloading Progress) is not correct. The Xbox handles these packets correct, but the catch line is not software created but hardware created. The server tells the hardware there is content to be downloaded, then the software is showing you that you can download the content and you accept to download it – then the hardware asks the server how big this pack is in the end. After that the hardware will start its calculations of the line from the information it has just recieved, for this info will now be asked by the software, and the software at least is calculating the progress bar (the “catch line”, remember the orange line). But the Software doesn’t know about the xbox 360, and thinks it is run from a regular Xbox. It also doesn’t know about the difference in handling packets received from the server of the Xbox 360, that is in the end calculating the “progress bar”. Once this “progress bar” reaches its 100%, it thinks you have downloaded the packet, which you haven’t and this is causing you serious problems, yeah you are right – the ones you have…

So what can you do? This is easy…

You already have your console on with Halo 2 in …[haha, just kidding] you have checked, but you need to have checked all above mentioned things and then you are good to go for the following

  • Start the download, answer the question about the price you have to pay with “yes”
  • The download starts
  • From now on till the end you have to press the “X” button about 10-30 times according to how fast your download rate is
  • Pressing “X” returns you to the “Content Download Overview” screen, just press “A” again, to just start from where you have left off.
  • Doing this makes your Console recalculate the Cache Bar again, and this is the solution to the download problem.
  • It’s important that you watch out to pause the download just before it finishes, so that the already downloaded amount of packets can be correctly calculated.
  • But don’t forget to do this also during the whole downloading process, this will lower the risk of packets being wrong calculated.

So have fun with this nice (re)release of maps, and I hope to see you online soon. If you liked this tutorial drop me a line and subscribe to this blog…

Till then…

UPDATE: This Blog will be changing Servers, the Blog can be found via RSS HERE, the whole next week i will be posting updates on this server and on the new one so the RSS subscriber wont have any problems… But be sure to update your RSS till Saturday of the Next Week!


54 Responses to “Halo 2 “Blastacular Pack” download Problems solved.”

  1. Nice one. The maps look like crap once you are used to GoW …

  2. content failed. tried everything. help.

  3. I am having problems with the 360 telling me that premium purchases are not set on my account and that i need to set them in the account settings. i cant find this option. i am a gold member and i do have a valid credit card attatched. i don’t know what to do

  4. I need help cuz ive tried everything!!!!! these new maps are sh!t
    I paid $4 for 2 maps and im not getting anything, just a screen that says:
    ”Instalation of content failed please contact http://www.xbox.com/ for more support”

    yeah… right and those guys are not helping just by sayng how big the problem is…

  5. if someone knows plzzzzzz send me an e-mail saying the instructions 4 how to fix this problem!!!


  6. content failed.. don’t know what to do..

  7. TheIcemanCometh Says:


    Same for me. I was having the problem last night, and I’m still having it this morning.

    This is ridiculous.

  8. Seems like some people still have problems, i can only imagine your routers are not setup correctly i will be posting a tutorial about how you setup your router for correct use with xbox live later today, this should help those people that still have problems with downloading the new Map Pack, check back onto this blog later this day…

    Till then have fun playing Halo 2

  9. babybbbbbballin Says:

    it keeps sayin installation failed please help!!!!!!!!!and i already payed for purchase>>>>>>>RIP OFF 😦

  10. DeezNutz Says:

    How about this?

    1. You pay $4.
    2. You download the maps.

    None of this hitting X 10-30 times bullshit.

  11. it works just tried it sweet!!!

  12. Hey thanks for the info. Unfortunately your method isn’t working too well for me. I’ll keep trying though 🙂

  13. As soon as I hit “A” to download the map (which is already purchased), it goes from 2% to 100%, automatically…. Doesn’t go up at all. I can hit X, but after rapidily going from X to A, X to A, over and over again about 1000 times nothing has changed…. Still remains at 5%. And if I let it download for one second before hitting “X” then it jumps to 100% and says installation of content failed. Also when I look in my HD under Games -> Xbox, there is a Incomplete, Downloaded Content there at like 16K. I have 2.2 Gigs free. It won’t download more than 16Kb.

    I have a valid credit card, map is already purchased, free memory, no family settings, I’m a gold member, and my Xbox 360 is only 4 months old.

    This sucks, please help.

  14. stlbadger(xbl gt) Says:

    my problem is this as is many peoples: failed to install content. it jumps from 2 % to 100 %.

    i called the xbox people (1800 4 MY XBOX)

    and they said that it was because of so many people trying to download the maps. they said to wait a different time. so if i had to guess, downloading them at 1lpm-6am would be a good time to download the maps. hope this helps.

    YOU AR

  15. MoB xNinja Says:

    Bryan i’m doing the same thing!
    this is ridiculous..
    xbox.com doesnt help and neither is this a,x,a,x crap.
    i have no idea what is going on, but its happening to alot of people.
    i’m reading all these post about it online and they arnt helping.
    whatever it is bungie better fix it soon..
    ’cause im pissed.
    i love halo and 2 new maps is like crack for me and i just have to have it!!

  16. The Last Master Says:

    Accordiin to bungie.net they said they would have the problem fixed by monday. I have the exact same problem at a freinds house, with my hdd. But at my house i dont even get the 16kbs. So luck you, at least you can sey you have a piece of the maps!

    anyways till monday!

  17. who the hell watches their download happen anyway. why would we want to sit there and cound thirty seconds and press x. i wanna pay four dollars, have the fucker download, jerk it once or twice and have it done when i get back

  18. I am having the same problem!!! I have a gold membership, no family settings, and I have NEVER had any trouble downloading from the XBL marketplace, so it can’t be the router…

  19. The people who having problems with the download jumping from 2% to 100% in about some seconds, should go to their dashboards>system>Memory>HDD> and then delete their content download for Halo 2 fromt their HDD´s.
    Then try again.
    I was talking to a lot of people who complain about this tutorial, some form here some from the official forums, and all those people where helped when we together found out that their consoles and their Creditcards where not connected together so the console havent known about their Creditcard. So if it is asked i will be doing a new tutorial how to connect the both together 🙂
    Hold on solutions will happen, and check your words while you complain that this is not working, because you just have to set it up correctly.

  20. MoB xNinja Says:

    well i went to the dashboard then system then memory then HDD and deleted all the content for Halo 2.
    and i tried again… and it still wont work.. and now i have to redownload the other map packs.
    and redo all the gametypes and player profiles.
    but i guess they are sposed to have it better on monday,
    Im going to wait till then.

  21. what REALLY pisses me off is that all the old map packs just downlod perfectly (not mentioning snail speed download speeds)and the most recent one just goes “I cant be FUCIN BOVAD TO DOWNLOAD…..” Then theres all those 7 year olds on xbl saying “what are you guys on about i downloaded them fine first time i tried” WTF…..

  22. ok homeboys i found a solution – but only for people wiht 360s. go to the dashboard and sign out of all profiles. go to where it says join xbox live. create a new account and press the one month free one. once you make it and sign in go to content download and download it. it should work… at least it did for me

  23. if it doesnt work try it at 10:30 or around there thats when i did it

  24. THE FIX FOR H2 MAPS!!!!! I figured it out!

    Ok, all this jibberish about click here, go there, do this and that, its all rubbish. Tust me, I was doing all this rubbish stuff for about 8 hours and none of it worked. I did it perfectly as instructed by the people of these forums. I tried downloading the maps with over 4,000 attempts.

    Ok there are multiple problems.

    1) Can’t download Premium content:
    You have to fix your settings. In the family settings area you have your account restricted to premium content. So fix it. There are many forums and sites already guiding you to do this.

    2) Can’t purchase content:
    If you don’t have a valid credit card on file, then it won’t work…. So fix it.

    3) Everything else:
    You have to have a valid credit card, gold membership status, space on your hard drive at least 200 MBs, can download premium content.

    4) Installation Failed (doesn’t even try to download, goes from 2% to 100%):
    Ok as long as you have everything in number #3 then your straight. The problem is the xbox live servers. This sounds stupid but it all matters in what time of the day, etc… You have to get lucky.
    What will happen is it will try to download and if it can’t connect to the servers it goes to 100% and tells you installation failed, when honestly it only downloaded 16Kb out of 200 Mbs. So all you need to do is delete your 16Kb partially downloaded file and try again.
    Some people say they can’t find this file: It’s either in the Halo 2 folder, or another folder called Unknown Game in the Settings->Memory->Hard Drive->Games area. The file mght be called blastacular, corrupted download, incomplete content, anything, and its around 16Kbs. Continue to delete this and redownload.
    Another thing you need to have is the newest version of xbox live for halo2. This is how you can tell that you do… Do not sign in xbox live on your dashboard. Disable Auto Sign In as well. Put the halo 2 CD in, when it starts click start, pick your profile, then it will ask you to sign in to xbox live. If you don’t see your gamertag there, then you dont have the newest version, if you see your gamertag there, then your straight.

    To get the newest version, you have to clear your cache (maintenence, XX, LB, RB, XX). Enable Auto Signin, sign into xbox live on the dashboard, and load up halo 2, should ask you about updating. Then reboot, disable auto sign in, sign out, load it up and see if your gamertag is there and if it is, it installed correctly. And then you wont need to clear your cache anymore.

    Basically Just keep deleting that file and try to redownload at different times of the day.

    5) Installation Failed (downloads content for a while but doesn’t finish):
    Let it download for some minutes, then hit X, then his A again, and it should recaculate how much it needs to download. Just keep doing this about 10 to 30 times till the file finishes downloading. This will only work if you file is actually downloading… not just going from 2% to 100%… So X to backout of the downloading session, then A to go back in and continue where it left of, every once in a while do this until it finishes.

    From all the forums I read, thats all the problems I saw. I hope this helps.

  25. A Confused Person Says:

    ive tried everything ive seen to fix this and it still doesnt work. Mine says that its already purchased, but i didnt have a credit card linked the first time. I do now, but whenever i click it, it goes from 2% to 100%. I already tried clearing the cache and deleting the entire memory. Also created a silver account and tried, but with no results…HELP?
    email @

  26. none of these posts or xbox support are helping me!!
    i am trying to dload these maps to the original xbox.
    i’ve had my account linked with a valid debit card for a year and a half or so and have purchased content with it on both my oxbox and 360 so no issue there. (wouldnt think so anyways)
    when i tried to dload it last week the progress bar hung for a sec then filled up fast, after which i received the infamous “installation failed” message.
    i have tried several times since and it’s the same thing, it shows content as “purchased” but install fails. i tried looking at my halo 2 saves to erase it but it wasnt there.
    i called support and they said the problem was widespread and a team was working on it.
    i read here or somewhere else that they said it should be fixed by monday but i just tried it again and got the same result.
    if anyone can help i’d appreciate it and likewise if i find a solve i’ll post it here for the people with oxboxes who are having this prob.

  27. washingtron Says:

    Hey everyone, I have a fix for the “download failed, you will not be charged for this transaction” error. The one where it starts at like 5% then skips to 100%.

    Through your X360 dashboard, manage your account, go into payment options and edit your current credit card. For some unknown reason Xbox Live has randomly deleted some people’s Verification Codes, the 3 or 4 digit code on the back of the card. You just have to re-enter it.

    Worked for me!

  28. Is this download only for the 360 or what?

  29. please….. help…… maps…….being…..RETAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRTED!!!!!

  30. i am having the same problem (1 am tuesday night) installion failed and im on an original xbox…any ideas anyone?

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  32. I downloaded them on my 360 no problem, but they take like 5 minutes to load, almost every time. Don’t think I’ll be playing them much at all if this is the case.

  33. Ok tried to edit the credit card but i don’t get an option for it. WTF… tried to edit on xbox.com and still can’t edit the damn card… this is real frustrating.. I hope they don’t put out anymore maps …

  34. i have tried every thing that yall have sug. nothing works

  35. it says that I purchased it but cant install and i have retried many times to reinstall. please advise

  36. I have a 360 and it says installation problems so please advise for 360

  37. Canhas D Says:

    Fuck! stupid servers, it is wednesday and they haven´t fixed the problem it was supposed to be fixed by monday.

  38. farside521 Says:

    How the heck do you re enter the verification on the card ??!!! Stupid bungie

  39. I hope the creators die in their sleep

  40. I have tried everything there is…..It still doesnt work. My bar just jumps from 0 to 100 right away and when i push x and a it doesnt work. WTF

  41. Here’s the solution:

    Go to X-Box dashboard.
    Select Account Management.
    Select Memberships.
    Select the Pre-paid membership shown there.
    Select Change Payment Options.
    Select the Credit Card associated with your account.(This will bring you back to the previous screen. If you don’t have a credit card, here’s where you enter that information.)
    Go to System Screen.
    Select Memory.
    Select the storage device shown. Now, in this screen, it doesn’t matter which option is highlighted. You don’t select either of the options. Do the following while in this screen: X X, LB, RB, X X. (X two times, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X two times. You don’t have to do this very fast.) This will perform a maintenance update and the hard drive will now see the credit card you selected instead of your pre-paid account card.
    Return to X-Box dashboard and load up Halo 2. There will be an update download.
    Load up Halo 2 and you should be able to download the new maps.

  42. jedi spar7an Says:

    I have the new maps, been playing them. My 360 shit out on me. I bought a new one and kept my old hard drive (of course). now I have to re download all the maps that are already on my hard drive because it says they are corupted. No problem there. The problem came up when I tried to re download the blastacular map pack. I tells me that I’ve already purchased it and dont have to do so agian so I continue. Then it gives me the option to purchase again or not to. If I click on don’t purchase, it backs me out. Is it going to charge me again to download them again?

  43. ur a god damn idiot

  44. thinkreddie Says:

    Okay, none of this rubbish is working. I’ve been waisting the last 3 days of my time trying to download these maps, and it has all failed.

    And what else? Stupid bitch ass microsoft refused to give me a refund. This is really starting to piss me off.

    I’m downloading on the original xbox, not the 360. It only tells me that the installation of content failed… and all that crap. If Microsoft doesn’t get their asses in gear, I’m selling my xbox.

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  46. IVmoeyIX Says:

    I am experiencing the problem of failing to download the content but it says i have purchased. I have gone into my dashboard and gone to my HDD and tried to find and delete the 16KB of corrupt map but there is nothing there. My download goes from 2% to 100% everytime. I am planning on staying up late to see if it works again, but if it doesnt i am ready to slit my wrist.

    I have even bought a new account to see if it fixed the problem and it hasn’t. I can’t play custom games with the maps or anything. They don’t exist. I am going to sue microsoft for 4 bucks soon.

    Please help


  47. My problem is that i’ve downloaded the bloody maps but once I try to play online it says they aren’t there!? I go back to content download and it says they are downloaded! its pissing me right off!

  48. Didnt Work!!!!!!!! TRIED EVERYTTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Chuggy182 Says:


  50. Guess what? the A,X,A,X method worked just fine for me, try it people

  51. UnearthlyGem Says:

    how bout this–delete all maps,no need to delete any gamer profiles—-download all the older map packs–look at the map pictures to check u do it right—then log back into halo2–check all is good no corrupted download messages or n e shiz like dat….if good to this point then go back to halo2 downloads and get the newest one last–hopefly should reset it all—k this is the crap part—mine was originally al well n good til the autoupdatwen u put game in started—fuc**d it all up 4me so wait a week–jst try to find a new temp. hobby ok? then hopefly in ths time new update should surface then all shud work….NOT OFFICIAL I AM JUST BEING A CLEVER BIATCH____IN PROCESS OF FINAL MAPPACK D@LOAD NOW SO I’LL LET YA KNO HOW GO’S!!!….peece

  52. I still can’t get the map pack

  53. rofl, a year later i respond..and it still doesn’t work tried it today.. -sigh-

  54. dood it worked excellent for me so thanx dood

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