What you can do when your university is blocking Myspace or other sites you like

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Hey geeks, too often it happens that schools, the company you work for, your university and libraries are restricting, blocking, filtering or even chancelling the connection to social networking sites like myspace.com, studivz, facebook, Hi5 or even certain chat rooms, file exchanging sites and software. They claim these sites keep you off from doing the things you should be doing or keep you from working. But dont feel lost, I try to tell you what you can do to them in exchange for being so rude to you by trying to limit you in your freedom. Also I will tell you how you can change your situation and how you can visit these sites even when they are blocked… Depending on how fit the “system admin” is, there are a few ways how you can bypass the traffic from the site you would like to visit back to your browser

See what changes a different browser brings

  • to use a different browser can do wonders in your case, because often the “system admin” tries to block traffic trough the browser he is dictating you to use – the Internet Explorer for example has certain abilities to block sites through User Groups. So a real easy way to trick your “Sys admin” is to install a Browser like Firefox, Opera, or something else than the software you have already running.

Use a Proxy Server

  • another easy method to use is to tell your browser to use a proxy server to connect to your desired site or service. If you have done so thepPacket filtering software your “sys admin” has installed won’t get the information you want to connect to myspace.com, it will only know that you want to connect to your setup proxy server. The adress of your proxy server will not be blocked by the “sys admin”. Proxy servers are working like a contact person between your browser and the website your browser wants to enter. You type in the adress of the site you want to enter, for example http://www.myspace.com, and then your browser won’t connect to myspace.com – it connects to the proxy telling it that you want to enter http://www.myspace.com, then it opens it and is sending back the information to your browser that it needs to open myspace.com. The “sys admin” will only see that you established a connection to the proxy and not to myspace.com. There are a lot of proxy server to be found on the internet, only ask google for it “Proxy server list http” should be enough to find a lot… To use a proxy server in Firefox for example, press “Extra>Options>General>Connection”(this may differ from Version to Version) here you can type in a proxy server you have found on google. In the “port” field you have to type “88”, that is the door that your computer gives the browser to enter the internet. To git a chance to enter tis door you have to name the door…

Use a Online based Proxy Service

  • Many internet sites have established because of “system admins” blocking sites, you can find them as easily as you found those “Proxy Servers” from before. “Online Web Based Proxies” as a searchstring in google brings up thousands

    To only name some.

Have fun with this.


5 Responses to “What you can do when your university is blocking Myspace or other sites you like”

  1. Hey, thanks for this information. At times, I have difficulty getting to the sites I normally surf at home.

    Adrienne Zurub

  2. Nice, i am always happy when i could help people.
    Have fun browsing myspace again… 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m at school and they block everything. Even all the proxy server sites- I have been through hundreds from google and they’re all blocked. Is there any way to get onto blocked sites that doesn’t involve a proxy server? Cheers, Sean

  4. Proxy websites work well for me I personally use OsReload.com

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