New Xbox Live Arcade Titles announced for this Summer…

… in an Interview with IGN today SNK USA president Ber Herman said there will be old SNK Games available on the Xbox Live Marketplace this Summer. Some of these games set for release are games which retailed for about 200$ for about 17 years ago – if this is not a hint, the damage for each should be around 800 and 1200 Microsoft Points.

Herman did not exactly told IGN, what games will be released, but he said

we are looking for games that haven’t been available

But dont be on fire, all you geeks out there, and await a KOF or a Metal Slug with leaderboards and online gaming, because he also said

so we’re looking for games that haven’t been available to be more attractive to users when we first launch. If we had a chance to bring out two games for our first month I wouldn’t want it to be King of Fighters ’94 and Metal Slug 1. That wouldn’t be the plan. We have 120 different Neo Geo titles… there’s plenty to select from.

I think, games like “Garou Mark of the Wolves”, or “Kizuna Encounter” for about 4 bucks would be nice, because these are games that really “haven´t been available”… and with a online Mode, wow, i really thought about to train my body not to need sleep anymore…


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