10 things you might want in the Xbox Live update but forgot to announce…

With the Xbox Live Update knocking on our doors at 4th dec. it came to my mind what i forgot to mention what i really wanted to have inside this update.

You know the feeling, when you know ok, now it is definatly too late to talk about stuf you want to see in the next update.

I made a list, for myself to remind me, showing me everything i want to see in the next update.

  1. Chat Pad Short cuts | i mean how awsome would it be if you had the chance to answer the message that you got via the press of a hot key, or maybe to del a message right after you have read it?
  2. Disabling notifications via dashboard in game | have you ever played Lumines Live or any other game that needed all you attention, and then someone on you Friendlist went online and all you attention is drawn to this? Or maybe you just recorded a tutorial Video how people can score 100 legit Kills in Halo3 in your way without dying and then someone got online and you got Headshot killed. Guys, if this happend once you know what i mean 🙂
  3. MultiMemberChats | come on this is possible… we all know.
  4. Video Chat | working 🙂
  5. Creating your Own Dashboard Themes | Ok, there is chit chat about “Video playback” Dashboard Themes, with sound and all that… but do you really belief this gets into for you to be edited?

The last 4 are free for your comments i will add your stuff into the list promise.

Bye bye.


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