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Halo 2 “Blastacular Pack” download Problems solved.

Posted in How To, Stuck in my Electrical World, Tutorial on April 17, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

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a lot of people seem to have problems with downloading the new Map pack from Xbox Live which Bungie released today for their hit selling shooter “Halo 2”. I was having a lot of problems myself, but anyway, I got them solved…

First you have to know some facts about this Map Pack…

  • It is not available from the Marketplace on your Xbox 360
  • You can not buy it with your purchased “Microsoft Points”
  • You have to have a valid Credit Card
  • You have to have this Credit Card attached to you Xbox Live Account
  • You need to be a gold member, because you are using the old Halo 2 mechanism to download this map pack, and this will handle your silver membership as an “Error”, this old system does not know about silver membership and nobody has told it about… So it handles you as a “No Member”…
  • Recheck if you have a valid Credit Card attached to your Live Account…

So now to how to solve the downloading problems people seem to have while downloading them to the storage of their Xbox 360. First you have to know the Xbox 360 handles downloaded packets in a different way the old Xbox did, so the “catch” (the orange line informing you about the downloading Progress) is not correct. The Xbox handles these packets correct, but the catch line is not software created but hardware created. The server tells the hardware there is content to be downloaded, then the software is showing you that you can download the content and you accept to download it – then the hardware asks the server how big this pack is in the end. After that the hardware will start its calculations of the line from the information it has just recieved, for this info will now be asked by the software, and the software at least is calculating the progress bar (the “catch line”, remember the orange line). But the Software doesn’t know about the xbox 360, and thinks it is run from a regular Xbox. It also doesn’t know about the difference in handling packets received from the server of the Xbox 360, that is in the end calculating the “progress bar”. Once this “progress bar” reaches its 100%, it thinks you have downloaded the packet, which you haven’t and this is causing you serious problems, yeah you are right – the ones you have…

So what can you do? This is easy…

You already have your console on with Halo 2 in …[haha, just kidding] you have checked, but you need to have checked all above mentioned things and then you are good to go for the following

  • Start the download, answer the question about the price you have to pay with “yes”
  • The download starts
  • From now on till the end you have to press the “X” button about 10-30 times according to how fast your download rate is
  • Pressing “X” returns you to the “Content Download Overview” screen, just press “A” again, to just start from where you have left off.
  • Doing this makes your Console recalculate the Cache Bar again, and this is the solution to the download problem.
  • It’s important that you watch out to pause the download just before it finishes, so that the already downloaded amount of packets can be correctly calculated.
  • But don’t forget to do this also during the whole downloading process, this will lower the risk of packets being wrong calculated.

So have fun with this nice (re)release of maps, and I hope to see you online soon. If you liked this tutorial drop me a line and subscribe to this blog…

Till then…

UPDATE: This Blog will be changing Servers, the Blog can be found via RSS HERE, the whole next week i will be posting updates on this server and on the new one so the RSS subscriber wont have any problems… But be sure to update your RSS till Saturday of the Next Week!


Focus, it is all about the Focus!

Posted in How To, Nerd Stuff, Off the Line on April 15, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

Have you ever asked yourself how,
scary, hm not...this scary Foto that appeared today on the blog of, works?

Ok, like we already know the biggest mysterys often have the easyest ways to solve them, so what is needed here to understand how this effect comes to your eyes?

Some basic knowledge about eyes, and a artikel, this is all to solve this puzzel.

According to “Roger N. Clark” the Human eye has an equivalent Resolution of 576 megapixels (24,000 x 24,000), on a 120° field of view. The human Eye has Only a small spot sharp Spot in the middel of the retina (Fovea Centralis), this small spot is what lets our brain understand that what we are looking upon is sharp, because we “focus” it, you can try this for yourself by trying to read in the newspaper and have the finger directly under the line you try to read, then you keep your focus on the finger and it will be hard for you to read what is written only centimeters above your fingertip.

So now we know that the “Sharp Spot” of your eye is not that big, to be more exact it is about 1 megapixel, so what happens in this picture?

You see a picture that is divided into two parts, with a clear black line in the middel, the images displayed to the right and to the left are shart while the other is not and has some horrible mimics. So how does the face on the left side come to the face of the right side if only you are leaving for about 8 steps away? The high resolution of your computer Monitor (and probably the one on the picture too), make it impossible for the human eye to see theese mimics that in the basic are only some very thin lines, but the face it self becomes unfocused, the thick black line around the head becomes thinner and thinner because the pixels shown become mor smaller, and the your brain starts to mix them, there is simply no chance for it to render it more clearly in it thinks anyway makes no sense currently. This effect happens to the rest of the left picture too, and so it becomes the same as the right one, while when you where sitting directly infront of your screen.

If you look more closely the right picture changes too and it is getting more and more unfocused, so in the end the left picture wont get any sharper or something, your brain only thinks “nah, i dont need all this information right now, there are more important things to see”, your brain trys to remember if it has seen this face before, and it did, exactly 8 steps before, this is why you think the right picture looks still the same.

The Picture and the whole story where found on

how did he come so far yet? 12k Users in 14 hours, wow! :)

Posted in How To, Tutorial on April 12, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

Hey you dear Readers,

in the “Tutorial Section” i will try to tell you how you can set up a real well working blog that can make your earn around 200$ and something that only you decide, because in the end it is only you who is responsible for the growth of their blog. It is not the Evil Blogging Comunity that is not interested in reading what you have to say, because belive me, there is always someone who is interested in what you have to blog…

So i think there are 3 things you have to have on your mind…

  • You have to have some kind of will to talk about you, and things you know, or have to offer. The best that can happen is that you have things to tell that not much people already blog about, i will catch up closer on this one later…
  • something that is called a regular vocabulary…
  • You have to read a lot, so say prayers to your god that you all have found me.
  • and alot, and i really mean alot, no wait… jus to make myself clear ALOT of Coffee. When i say a lot of coffee you have to get at least close to the rate of coffe i am actually on.

Now that you know what you will have to bring, and if your are not willed to bring it, i think it is better to stop reading right now. I know how hard it can be to balance between your current state, awake, happy, healthy and an coffee addiction.

So you are still reading? Are you sure?

Well, at first i went to United Domains to get me a domain that fits my expectations, so will do the job. Next you have to think about the way you will try to make your money with the next weeks, so be sure that it is something that wont turn out to be a pain in the end, for me and let me call it my “QUEST” i thought a blog could turn out well. So i had to search for a blog provider, like let me see how much money i can make”, while “i will be making 5k a month is a funny one for the beginning, but is one

Always keep this on your mind, it is all you have besides a domain and a blog provider, and all this is the most you can have, it is worth Gold, belive me.

The internet offers you thousand things to make some money with, started from “Google´s Adsens Prgramm” over to “Ebay´s Affiliate Programm”. But this are this i get on deeper in my next tutorial, because now all you have to worry about is, what input do you want to have on your new blog? and i regret, but this is nothing i can help you with, but if you would not have something on your mind already, you would not have had read this far wouldnt you?

So stay tuned for more to come on tomorrows evening…

See you later alligator…

And be sure not to miss my “Good Night Wish” for today…

.. a need to start, the first steps…

Posted in How To on April 11, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

Ok here i will tell you how i will try to make the internet pay me enough money so i can afford a new PS3 Virtua Fighter 5 and 2 Wireless Arcade Boards. said i will need to make about 800€ in about 2 and a half month…

PS3: 600€

Virtua Fighter 5 : 70€

1 Arcade Board: 60€

Lets see.