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10 things you might want in the Xbox Live update but forgot to announce…

Posted in Nerd Stuff, Regular, Stuck in my Electrical World with tags , , , , on November 26, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

With the Xbox Live Update knocking on our doors at 4th dec. it came to my mind what i forgot to mention what i really wanted to have inside this update.

You know the feeling, when you know ok, now it is definatly too late to talk about stuf you want to see in the next update.

I made a list, for myself to remind me, showing me everything i want to see in the next update.

  1. Chat Pad Short cuts | i mean how awsome would it be if you had the chance to answer the message that you got via the press of a hot key, or maybe to del a message right after you have read it?
  2. Disabling notifications via dashboard in game | have you ever played Lumines Live or any other game that needed all you attention, and then someone on you Friendlist went online and all you attention is drawn to this? Or maybe you just recorded a tutorial Video how people can score 100 legit Kills in Halo3 in your way without dying and then someone got online and you got Headshot killed. Guys, if this happend once you know what i mean 🙂
  3. MultiMemberChats | come on this is possible… we all know.
  4. Video Chat | working 🙂
  5. Creating your Own Dashboard Themes | Ok, there is chit chat about “Video playback” Dashboard Themes, with sound and all that… but do you really belief this gets into for you to be edited?

The last 4 are free for your comments i will add your stuff into the list promise.

Bye bye.


Eidos announced sequel to Deus Ex

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Eidos told that they are actually programming the next sequel to the Mega, and everything-changing Game Deus Ex.

After they, have creating Deus Ex 2 they had to make this announcement if any of the Devs really wanted to get into Gaming Heaven.

Eidos just did not tell anything about the System this game will be released, but i am , sure i will be owning the system at the release date of the game, no matter what it is.

I am happy.

Read all abou t the announcement on Continue reading

New Xbox Live Arcade Titles announced for this Summer…

Posted in Nerd Stuff, Stuck in my Electrical World on April 19, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

… in an Interview with IGN today SNK USA president Ber Herman said there will be old SNK Games available on the Xbox Live Marketplace this Summer. Some of these games set for release are games which retailed for about 200$ for about 17 years ago – if this is not a hint, the damage for each should be around 800 and 1200 Microsoft Points.

Herman did not exactly told IGN, what games will be released, but he said

we are looking for games that haven’t been available

But dont be on fire, all you geeks out there, and await a KOF or a Metal Slug with leaderboards and online gaming, because he also said

so we’re looking for games that haven’t been available to be more attractive to users when we first launch. If we had a chance to bring out two games for our first month I wouldn’t want it to be King of Fighters ’94 and Metal Slug 1. That wouldn’t be the plan. We have 120 different Neo Geo titles… there’s plenty to select from.

I think, games like “Garou Mark of the Wolves”, or “Kizuna Encounter” for about 4 bucks would be nice, because these are games that really “haven´t been available”… and with a online Mode, wow, i really thought about to train my body not to need sleep anymore…

The Feisty Fawn is let loose

Posted in Nerd Stuff on April 19, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

Hello, this blog has now its own servers if you have enjoyed what was here, please got over to the new server too. you can read on here If you have subscribed to this blog you can use this link to subscribe to the new servers RSS, keep on reading if you liked what you have seen… till then enjoy…


Ubuntu 7.04 has just been released, with the Code Name Feisty Fawn it is ready to be downloaded from here

Probably the official servers are down at the moment, so here is a list where you can download it from different mirrors that should be running alot faster.

More to come as soon as i am back home…

Pacman Xbox Live Arcade Championships

Posted in Nerd Stuff on April 18, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

The first ever Worldwide Online Xbox Live only Pacman Championship was announced today by Microsoft and Quiznos.

The Tournament takes playce from 25th April till 9th May, the winner from each participating country will travel to New York for playing the finals, on the 5th June.

Amazing MS Paint skills this guys from have

Posted in Nerd Stuff on April 17, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

See how the Geeks from are working with MS Paint, and think that Photoshop can suck it… just kidding.

More of theese pictures…

Posted in Nerd Stuff on April 16, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

Yesterday, i was writing an Artikel (Focus it is all about the Focus) about how the effect of those “Hybrid Pictures” work, i came across of even more of those pictures as i searched the internet for answers, so i thought i will show you only some.

To make the effect appear, you have to watch the picture from a close range and see how it changes when your distance to the picture increases, it is hard to say how far you need to be away from it, but 5 – 8 steps away from the monitor should be enough… Click the Pictures to view them in full size.

moto_bike20_30g.jpg catwoman.jpg catdoghybrid.jpg monroeenstein_audeoliva2007.jpg