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Weeds: have you ever asked yourself

Posted in Off the Line on April 18, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

… how the producer made this crap tasty for the financiers, i think this is the most boring stuff you can spend an evening with. So how did the financiers really think that their money is placed right. I cannot imagine that there is something that can be called “character advancement”, or something else that will viewers attach to the series, i dont know maybe you do tell me, please…


Comic creator, wohoo yeah!!!

Posted in Off the Line on April 16, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

People, go over to Drop in the club and start creating you own comic there, it is really nice – you can put in pictures and edit speachbubbles…

Very nice Java App…

Check it out!!!

Focus, it is all about the Focus!

Posted in How To, Nerd Stuff, Off the Line on April 15, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

Have you ever asked yourself how,
scary, hm not...this scary Foto that appeared today on the blog of, works?

Ok, like we already know the biggest mysterys often have the easyest ways to solve them, so what is needed here to understand how this effect comes to your eyes?

Some basic knowledge about eyes, and a artikel, this is all to solve this puzzel.

According to “Roger N. Clark” the Human eye has an equivalent Resolution of 576 megapixels (24,000 x 24,000), on a 120° field of view. The human Eye has Only a small spot sharp Spot in the middel of the retina (Fovea Centralis), this small spot is what lets our brain understand that what we are looking upon is sharp, because we “focus” it, you can try this for yourself by trying to read in the newspaper and have the finger directly under the line you try to read, then you keep your focus on the finger and it will be hard for you to read what is written only centimeters above your fingertip.

So now we know that the “Sharp Spot” of your eye is not that big, to be more exact it is about 1 megapixel, so what happens in this picture?

You see a picture that is divided into two parts, with a clear black line in the middel, the images displayed to the right and to the left are shart while the other is not and has some horrible mimics. So how does the face on the left side come to the face of the right side if only you are leaving for about 8 steps away? The high resolution of your computer Monitor (and probably the one on the picture too), make it impossible for the human eye to see theese mimics that in the basic are only some very thin lines, but the face it self becomes unfocused, the thick black line around the head becomes thinner and thinner because the pixels shown become mor smaller, and the your brain starts to mix them, there is simply no chance for it to render it more clearly in it thinks anyway makes no sense currently. This effect happens to the rest of the left picture too, and so it becomes the same as the right one, while when you where sitting directly infront of your screen.

If you look more closely the right picture changes too and it is getting more and more unfocused, so in the end the left picture wont get any sharper or something, your brain only thinks “nah, i dont need all this information right now, there are more important things to see”, your brain trys to remember if it has seen this face before, and it did, exactly 8 steps before, this is why you think the right picture looks still the same.

The Picture and the whole story where found on

Now you can leave comments…

Posted in Off the Line on April 14, 2007 by Decoye Gheist


ok now you can leave me a comment without to be a member… So keep your mind a free flow and have some fun to tell me about the things you have on your mind while reading what i had on my mind…

Maybe you had something to say about the other entries concerning “…the bet” like

“What was done so far?
… The Bet
a need to start, the first steps
what the hell

Possible DNS Attack at

Posted in Off the Line on April 12, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

What happend to the site is down the entire day?

Possible hack?

… been on a Dendemann show.

Posted in Off the Line on April 11, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

hey, i just arrived from a Dendemann show that took place in the “Sumpfblume” tonight, we celebrated a nice evening with a couple of nice people. And i never thought some one could be that nice and smart like a Dendemann this day.

Wow, me is surprised…

So if you ever thought about seeing him life check for some shows on his website…