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Gears of War Petition against non Patched Glitches and no Achievements on Annex

Posted in Nerd Stuff, Stuck in my Electrical World with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on April 15, 2007 by Decoye Gheist

This Petition is ment to help Gamers make their voices heard, Gears of War is such a great Game and such a Masterpice that it is a sacrileg to not try to make it to what it could be. Maybe the folks at Epic dont see, what needs to be done and maybe we can help em.

But in the end, the folks at Epic should know, that everyone who signs this petition acknowledges the Work you spend, the Time you spend and the Heart you gave into this Game that we all are happy about that it is where it is now…

Sign into this petition by leaving a comment including your Gamertag your Name and what is also on your mind…
This Petition works together with the one form

Dear Epic Games,

I am signing this petition as a gamer and as well as a customer who bought this Game to have fun and joy with every part of the Game. This is what makes me sign this petition, the problems and glitches that remained “post patch” are still that high that is nearly impossible to have true uncolored Ranked lists, at the end of this Petition you will find youtube videos of so far discovered glitches, that disturb the gameplay as well it hinders every player who has the ambitions to play fair.

What i ask for when i sign this petition is:

1: Give players the Chance to Vote against cheating players while playing online
2: A new patch, that covers Glitches that give unfair Players an advantage before Fair players
3: To change the Achievement describtions for every Online Achievement, from “Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with…” to “Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches (exept Annex) with…”
3.1 Change the Rules for Annex so the Achievements and the Kills count
4: Import Clan support into ranked Multiplayer Matches, GOW pro gaming Scene has evolved to a state where it only can grow bigger with better Clan support, form the Software itself.

Keep up the Good Work!

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